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Occupational health and safety

We know how important the occupational health and safety are. Out of concern for health and safety of our clients’ employees we decided to focus on production of all kinds of OHS protection measures intended for all kinds of machines and devices. We hope that our solutions will let you maintain high standards of safety in every enterprise and that choosing our products will protect you from various hazards in the future and prevent machine defects and damage, the consequences of which are often difficult to foresee, from happening.


In order to meet the expectations of our clients we include in our offer a number of technical solutions that enable crating a safety zone in your company. Among others, we offer:

  • OHS protection measures for machines and devices,
  • Rain-proof and dust-proof covers,
  • Barriers and ladders,
  • Service platforms and bypasses,
  • Passages over conveyors,
  • Pull-wire switches, limit switches, belt run-off switch, movement detection switch, etc.
  • Disassembly, replacement and modernisation of worn components.


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