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Industrial automatics

In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we offer range of services that encompasses the field of industrial automatics that aims at replacing human being in control activities by using appropriate control devices.

That is why we started collaborating with a company in which the majority of workers are engineers with experience in industrial maintenance and designing and programming solutions for the industry.

The advantages of the said enterprise are their specialist knowledge and experience, as well as their passion for industrial installations. It makes them listen attentively to Clients’ needs in order to come up with the best solutions tailored to those needs. In case of projects aiming at expanding or modernizing the machinery stock, they analyse the standards adopted in order for the Client to be able to lower the maintenance costs in the future.

We execute projects entrusted to us in a professional and diligent manner, remaining in constant cooperation with the Client in order to meet what they demand of us.


We offer:

  • Electronically controlled machine designs

  • Machine control system designs

  • Inventory of control systems for machines and production lines

  • Modifications to control systems for machines and production lines

  • Modernisations of control systems for machines and production lines

  • Replacement of the whole machine control systems

  • Assembling control cabinets and electric cabinets

  • Assembling new industrial lines

  • Cabling for new and modernised machines and production lines

  • Power installations

  • Telecommunication and IT installations

  • Power measurements

  • Thermovision measurements

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